Summertime’s Bryan Smith Commemorative Tea Dance June 2014

Photos by Nigel Carter.  All photos copyright Summertime Dancing ©2014

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“Have we got a Doctors Certificate for their non-attendance”

Purcell’s Garden Centre

“Operator I have been hanging on for ages and all I can hear is music”

Trelawney Tango

Trelawney Tango

Trelawney Tango

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“What happened to the small bottles of wine we used to get as spot prizes”

“At least there is alcohol in the raffle prizes!”

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“Feeding Time”

“Gerald getting over excited again”

“Richard’s ageing equipment”

“She’s behind you!”

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Waltz Camay

“We’ve attracted an audience”

Saunter Reve

Saunter Reve

Saunter Reve

Half a Custard Tart

Dday Veteran Lloyd