Summertime’s Old Time Holiday January 2016 Photos by Nigel Carter © 2016 Summertime Dancing 20160108-IMG_6367.jpg 20160108-IMG_6368.jpg 20160108-IMG_6369.jpg 20160108-IMG_6370.jpg 20160108-IMG_6371.jpg 20160108-IMG_6372.jpg Sherry Party Sherry Party Sherry Party Sherry Party:  Precision Work Dispensing Sherry Sherry Party:  Bob & his harem Sherry Party 20160108-IMG_6373.jpg 20160108-IMG_6374.jpg 20160108-IMG_6376.jpg Sherry Party Sherry Party Sherry Party:  Ann managed to overcome the rationing 20160108-IMG_6378.jpg 20160108-IMG_6379.jpg 20160108-IMG_6381.jpg Robin & Pauline leading off the Tiffany Saunter An Exhibition “Dance” by Bob & Joyce 20160108-IMG_6382.jpg 20160108-IMG_6385.jpg 20160108-IMG_6386.jpg 20160108-IMG_6387.jpg 20160108-IMG_6388.jpg Richard & Joyce Waverley Two Step Waverley Two Step Waverley Two Step Gordon & Shirley leading off the Melody Foxtrot 20160108-IMG_6389.jpg 20160108-IMG_6391.jpg 20160108-IMG_6393.jpg 20160108-IMG_6395.jpg 20160108-IMG_6396.jpg A Nutt in the middle of the Lancers The Lancers The Lancers Rex & Linda leading off the Tango Solair Selby Swing Selby Swing 20160108-IMG_6398.jpg 20160108-IMG_6401.jpg 20160108-IMG_6402.jpg 20160108-IMG_6406.jpg 20160109-IMG_6408.jpg Selby Swing Alan & Ann leading off the Saunter Shiraz Clive & Margaret leading off the Victorian Gavotte Terry & Dianne leading off the Saunter Reve Herbie & Pauline leading off the Dinky One Step FRIDAY SATURDAY IMG_1697-1.jpg IMG_6412-3.jpg IMG_6416-6.jpg IMG_6443-8.jpg IMG_6419-9.jpg IMG_6420-10.jpg Time for a new outfit? Serene Saunter Not such a Serene Saunter Two months overdue? The Quadrilles David Last deep in concentration IMG_6422-11.jpg IMG_6424-13.jpg IMG_6425-14.jpg IMG_6426-16.jpg Conflicting advice during the Quadrilles The Quadrilles The Quadrilles Shimmering Waltz IMG_6427-17.jpg IMG_6428-18.jpg IMG_6429-19.jpg IMG_6430-20.jpg IMG_6431-21.jpg Shimmering Waltz Lace Agate Swing Lace Agate Swing Lace Agate Swing Raffle Time with Mike IMG_6434-24.jpg IMG_6436-2.jpg IMG_6437-3.jpg IMG_6439-4.jpg IMG_6440-5.jpg IMG_6441-6.jpg IMG_6442-7.jpg IMG_6443-8.jpg IMG_6444-9.jpg SUNDAY “Bag Him Danno” Bob’s Valet at work Elimination Dance Elimination Dance Elimination Dance Elimination Dance IMG_6446-11.jpg IMG_6447-12.jpg IMG_6449-13.jpg IMG_6450-14.jpg IMG_6452-16.jpg IMG_6453-17.jpg IMG_6454-18.jpg IMG_6455-19.jpg IMG_6456-20.jpg IMG_6461-23.jpg Chrysanthemum Waltz Quiz winners Robert & Frances Quiz winners - the Bath Mafia Richard explaining his medical condition to Hazel Lola Tango Lola Tango Bob being trained in spinning the bottle for the progressive dance “Should have worn looser trousers Bob” “And the winner is….”