Summertime’s Old Time Holiday in Bournemouth January 2015

Photos by Nigel Carter & Paul Harding (where indicated) © 2015 Summertime Dancing
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Meeting and Greeting

“Don’t give them too much they cant handle it”

Sherry Party - waiting for new supplies


“Dont look at my feet”

“I told you not too”

Sherry Party

Sherry Party

A portion of the Custard Tarts

Sherry Party - serious discussions

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Jacqui presenting Herbie with his “Special” colouring book

Sue and Eddy co-leading off the Balmoral Blues

Shirley and Gordon co-leading off the Balmoral Blues

Wedgwood Blue Gavotte



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Onesie time

Richard keeping warm

Oriental Mazurka instruction

“Avoiding the winter vomiting bug”

Herbie’s literal translation of a button hole

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The Elimination Dance

The Elimination Dance

The Elimination Dance

The Elimination Dance

The Elimination Dance Winners

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The Elimination Dance

Robin, Pauline and Diane

Paul & Hazel


“Where’s the purple ones?”

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A happy table

Our Music Man - David Last

The “Excuse Me”

The “Excuse Me”

The “Excuse Me”

The “Excuse Me” - “Stop gossiping”

The “Excuse Me”

The “Winter Waltz”

The “Winter Waltz”

The “Winter Waltz”

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The “Winter Waltz”

The “Winter Waltz”

The “Winter Waltz” Contestants

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The “Glengarry Swing Formation Team”

“You can’t red card Joyce as it was you that went wrong”

The “Adjudicators”

Hazel & Michelle leading off the Bluebell Polka

Linda & Rex leading off Waltz of the Bells

Waltz of the Bells

Waltz of the Bells

The medical team dealing with Eddy’s crushed foot

“A Pirate’s life for me”


“Does this hide my stomach”

Margaret in the “Naughty Corner” as usual

Quizz Winners Blondelle & Lenore


Pat leading Lisa astray


Marjorie & Peter leading off Saunter D’Amore

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Military Precision - photo courtesy Paul Harding

Happy dancers - photo courtesy Paul Harding

“Land of Hope & Glory” - photo courtesy Paul Harding