Summertime’s Old Time Holiday September 2016

Photos by Nigel Carter copyright Summertime Dancing 2016

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Sherry Party

Sherry Party

“In depth gossiping”

Sherry Party

“Happy Campers”

Sherry Party

Bob looking his best

“I’m not sure about this sherry”

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“You’re supposed to wait for me”

“That’s better”

Shirley & Gordon - Square Tango

Pauline & Robin - Saunter Serenata

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Wendy & Joy - Wedgewood Blue Gavotte

“Bob studying his dance scripts”

Vivienne & David - Sovereign Saunter

Joyce & Bob - Crinoline Gavotte

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Shirley & Gordon - Tiffany Saunter

Putting best foot forward - Tayside Tango

Jean & Keith celebrating their Emerald Anniversary

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Pauline & Herbie - Classic Gavotte

Greystone’s Gavotte Teach

Joyce & Richard

Joy & Wendy - Liberty Two Step


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Lace Agate Swing

Lace Agate Swing

Lace Agate Swing

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Shirley & Gordon - Crystal Blues

The “Last” Phantom of the Opera

Diane & Terry - Tiger Eye Tango

County Gavotte 2014

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Bob’s best side

Richard giving bottle spinning lessons

Hilary & Nigel - Marine Four Step

Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance

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Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance - Prize Winners Peter & Eileen

“Now that’s being greedy”

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The Lancers

The Lancers

The Lancers

Quiz winner Shirley

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Quiz winners Pauline & Herbie

Shirley & Gordon - Saunter Shiraz

Diane & Terry - Rialto Two Step

Sylvian & Nigel - Empress Mazurka

A Fan