Summertime’s Old Time Holiday in Bournemouth September 2015

Photos by Nigel Carter  © 2015 Summertime Dancing IMG_5742-1.jpg IMG_5743-2.jpg IMG_5745-4.jpg IMG_5746-5.jpg IMG_5747-6.jpg IMG_5748-7.jpg IMG_5749-8.jpg IMG_5750-9.jpg IMG_5752-11.jpg IMG_5753-12.jpg IMG_5754-13.jpg IMG_5755-14.jpg IMG_5756-15.jpg IMG_5758-17.jpg IMG_5759-18.jpg

Summertime’s Fashion Consultant

Sherry Party

Sherry Party

Gordon & Hazel

Sherry Party

Sherry Party

“How are your emissions Herbie”

Sherry Party

Sherry Party:  Freddy & Sheilagh

Sherry Party - “The gospel according to Bob”

Sherry Party: Diana, Roy, Derek and Betty

Sherry Party

Sherry Party

Sherry Party:  Hilary & Joyce with Michael and Pat

Sherry Party - in depth discussions

Terry & Blondelle

Sherry Party -  more in depth discussions

Sherry Party:  Stephanie and Ricky

IMG_5762-21.jpg IMG_5764-23.jpg

Michael & Betty: Valse Martine

Marjorie & Peter: Tango Las Vegas

IMG_5765-24.jpg IMG_5768-27.jpg

Tango Solair

His Master’s Voice

Shirley & Gordon:  Tiffany Saunter

IMG_5771-30.jpg IMG_5773-31.jpg IMG_5776-32.jpg IMG_5778-33.jpg IMG_5779-34.jpg

Joyce & Richard:  Gainsborough Glide

Joy & Wendy:  Wedgewood Blue Gavotte


“Pat, try to remember you’re dancing man!!

Bernice & Grahame:  Tango Magenta

IMG_5781-36.jpg IMG_5783-38.jpg IMG_5785-40.jpg IMG_5788-43.jpg IMG_5790-45.jpg IMG_5795-49.jpg

Square Tango

Getting support for the Southern Two Step

“Is it the right size?”

Hazel & Paul:  Southern Two Step

Terry & Diane

The Southern Two Step Supporter’s Club

IMG_5792-47.jpg IMG_5796-50.jpg IMG_5803-54.jpg

“Watch those glasses Manuel”

Hilary & Nigel:  Kaymar Sway

Jean & David:  Sherrie Saunter

Margaret & Clive:  Guitar Tango


IMG_5811-1.jpg IMG_5812-2.jpg IMG_5813-3.jpg IMG_5814-4.jpg IMG_5816-6.jpg

New line in dance footwear

“You’ll never get the hang of the Eva Three Step if you don’t concentrate!”

Richard’s personal drinks trolley

“Happy 90th

“How sweet”

IMG_5820-10.jpg IMG_5823-11.jpg IMG_5824-12.jpg IMG_5825-13.jpg IMG_5828-15.jpg IMG_5830-17.jpg

Shirley & Gordon:  Balmoral Blues

Balmoral Blues

Balmoral Blues

Hilary & Nigel:  Ava Rose Gavotte

The “quiet” table

Guest MC

IMG_5831-18.jpg IMG_5835-19.jpg IMG_5836-20.jpg IMG_5837-21.jpg IMG_5838-23.jpg IMG_5842-26.jpg IMG_5843-27.jpg

Joyce & Brucie:  Saunter Shiraz

Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance

IMG_5845-29.jpg IMG_5847-31.jpg IMG_5848-32.jpg IMG_5849-33.jpg IMG_5850-34.jpg IMG_5851-35.jpg IMG_5852-36.jpg IMG_5853-37.jpg

Elimination Dance Winners - Pauline & Herbie

Pat’s cunning plan to remind her she is dancing man - a hat.


Quadrilles with Bob Nutt directing his set



Quadrilles - Bob Nutt still directing his set

IMG_5855-38.jpg IMG_5856-39.jpg IMG_5860-41.jpg IMG_5861-42.jpg IMG_5862-43.jpg

Watching Bob was to much for Diana

The final parcel contents

Paul , Michael and Betty reminiscing

Another parcel

…with bells on

IMG_5867-47.jpg IMG_5868-48.jpg IMG_5869-49.jpg IMG_5871-51.jpg IMG_5872-52.jpg IMG_5873-53.jpg IMG_5875-55.jpg


Saunter Together

Oriental Mazurks

“Great shoes”

“Terrible hat)

Firefly Tango


IMG_1430-2.jpg IMG_1431-3.jpg IMG_1433-5.jpg IMG_1434-6.jpg IMG_1435-7.jpg IMG_1437-9.jpg

Sandbanks Ferry - behind the bus



Coffee Time

Richard meets his future self

Our MCs for the weekend

IMG_1440-12.jpg IMG_1441-13.jpg IMG_1443-15.jpg IMG_5878-1.jpg


Time to cool off

Melody Foxtrot

IMG_5880-2.jpg IMG_5881-3.jpg IMG_5885-5.jpg IMG_5890-8.jpg IMG_5891-9.jpg

Melody Foxtrot

Wendy & Joy:Tango Serida

Serene Saunter

Serene Saunter

IMG_5894-10.jpg IMG_5895-11.jpg IMG_5897-12.jpg IMG_5898-13.jpg IMG_5900-14.jpg IMG_5901-15.jpg

Serene Saunter

Serene Saunter

Larry Green

Richard practicing his Double Dutch

Quiz winner Blondelle

Quiz winners Margaret & Clive


Richard fiddling the raffle

“Land of  Hope and Glory