OTDS Ball of the Year Southport May 2014

Photos by Nigel Carter.  All photos copyright Summertime Dancing ©2014

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Friday Night

Friday Night

Hazel and Margaret

“Getting some fresh air”


“Stop horsing about”

Ascot Gavotte

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Our Hotel

Preparing for the Model Railway Village Quiz

Model Railway Village

Model Railway Village

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British Open Golf?

“What a swinger”

“Split personality?”

“Does my rear look big in this?”

Southport view

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Saturday -  Bernice and Grahame

David Last

Leicester’s Table Decoration

Paul escorting the Mayor

Saturday  dancing

Saturday dancing

The Mayor with OTDS President

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“More shoes Joyce?”

Saturday  dancing

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Hazel and Paul

The Leicestershire Twang

Joyce and Michelle

Hazel & Paul

Maxine & Peter


The Custard Tarts and Supporters Club

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“On yer bike”

Treasure Hunters

Group huddle

Keeping cool

View towards out hotel

Sunday Night:  Kath & Keith Jackson

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“Did you see that dress she was wearing?”

Meeting of minds

Edwardian Gavotte

Edwardian Gavotte

Edwardian Gavotte

Knit one pearl one

Alison & Sue