Richard’s Garden Party September 2014

Photos by Nigel Carter.  All photos copyright Summertime Dancing ©2014

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“Me and my pussy”

“Where’s the tea”

“Happy Birthday Joyce”

“Our man and his wife from the colonies”

“I watered  them all myself”

“More tea vicar?”

“Gordon & helpers - great shorts”


“Chatting over a cuppa”

“Our Scottish  immigrant”

“More flowers”

Enjoying the sun

“Tea Ern?”

“Boys will be boys”

“More flowers”

“Sylvian & friends”

“It’s not only women who gossip”

“Gathered round the food”

“In the jungle”

“Use a serviette I don’t want crumbs on the lawn”

Taking a rest

“Passion on the lawn”

“That drain doesn’t look very clean”

“That’s a big cup Sylvian?”

“Gerald trying to take a selfie”

“No slurping”

“Richard describing my dancing”

“Sorry Pat - no wine”

“Tony & Hilary”