OTDS’s AGM Weekend October 2014

Photos by Nigel Carter & Hazel Harding

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Our Hotel HQ

Royal Crescent Bath

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

Assembly Rooms Bath

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L-R Hazel, Sue & Alison Kellie (Friday Ldrs) and Paul

Sue & Alison

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Friday Night

The Lancers


Ann & Irene

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And the Lancers is still going on

Our musician for the weekend

Paul with Leicester


Friday Night

Alison & Sue

“Sort your way out of that”

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Saturday Night

Saturday Night

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Saturday Night

Saturday Night

Joyce & Richard dancing past the watching eyes of Paul & Hazel with

Saturday Night

Saturday Night

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Saturday Night

Diane meets Oxford

Hazel & Paul leading the Ascot Gavotte

Ascot Gavotte

Ascot - Terry & Diane

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Hazel & Paul with Cllr Martin Veal

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Hazel & Paul with Cllr Martin Veal

Latest Committee Member Sue Hamm

Saturday Night

Joyce & Richard

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Hazel & Paul with Philip Randles

Hazel & Paul leading off

Joyce & Richard

Pam & Brian

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Unwinding - Jonathan at the piano



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Sunday Night

Sunday Night - Diane & Graham

Sunday Night - Crinoline Gavotte

Sunday Night - Crinoline Gavotte

Sunday Night - Crinoline Gavotte


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Sunday Night - Christine & Peter

Sunday Night - Oxford & Bath

Sunday Night - Yvonne & David

Sunday Night - Eddie

Sunday Night -  David, Linda Rex & Carol

Sunday Night - Leicester & Lincoln