Summertime’s Old Time Holiday January 2017 Photos by Nigel Carter © 2017 Summertime Dancing IMG_7709-1.jpg IMG_7711-3.jpg IMG_7713-4.jpg IMG_7714-5.jpg IMG_7715-6.jpg IMG_7716-7.jpg

Sherry Party

Sherry Party

Sherry Party

Thorn between two roses?

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Margaret & Clive leading off the Edwardian Gavotte

Shirley & Gordon leading off the Tiffany Saunter

Hazel & Paul leading off the Trelawney Tango

Sylvia & Ken leading off the Viennese Swing

Hilary & Richard leading off the Regency Saunter

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Michelle & Richard leading off the Midnight Tango

The Spectators

Diane & Terry leading off the Kay Bee Saunter

Christine & Tony leading off the Lola Tango


Lola Tango



Richard teaching the Elizabethan Waltz with Michelle

Michelle & Richard leading off the Shimmering Waltz

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Hilary & Nigel leading off the Firefly Tango

Shirley & Gordon leading off the Balmoral Blues

Michelle & Richard leading off the Empress Mazurka

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Saunter Shiraz

Saunter Shiraz

Saunter Shiraz



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Where’s Hazel?

Hilary & Richard leading off the Variety Swing

Joyce & Richard leading off the Venetian Foxtrot

Raffle Time



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Our Musician - David Last

Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance - two at a time

Elimination Dance

Elimination Dance - Winners

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Winter Waltz

Winter Waltz

The Quadrilles

Quizz Winners Christine & Tony

Quizz Winner Carol

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Oh Dear!

Raffle for Alzheimer Society

End of a great weekend

End of a great weekend