OTDS Autumn Weekend - Saturday Dance October 2013

Photos by Nigel Carter.  All photos copyright Summertime Dancing/OTDS ©2013

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Winfield Quickstep

Paul & Hazel leading off the Waverley Two Step

The Lancers

Our MCs - Paul & Hazel; where’s the interpreter?

Queuing for the Bar - Oxford at the front as usual

He didn’t did he?

Listening to Richard’s “Pearls of Wisdom”

“Same old faces” - Richard wins again

Richard & Joyce feeling small

IMG_3599m.jpg IMG_3607.jpg

Summertime Contingent sans the photographer

Area Reps - Freda Foxtrot

Chilling out after a hard day’s work

Chilling out

Surrendering in advance of storm St Jude

Having the last laugh