Photos by Nigel Carter  © 2016 OTDS/Summertime Dancing

Old Time Dance Society Ball of the Year, Stoke on Trent, May 2016

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King’s Hall Stoke on Trent

Preparing the floor

MCs Robert & Christine with David Ingley

MCs Robert & Christine with David Ingley

MCs Robert & Christine

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MCs Robert & Christine


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Unwinding into the early hours



Water !!!


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Biddulph Grange Gardens

Little Moreton Hall

Biddulph Grange Gardens

Biddulph Grange Gardens - Stump Forest

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Saturday MCs John & Ann Rainey with David Ingley

Saturday MCs John & Ann Rainey

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Gainsborough Glide

Tayside Tango

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Birthday Girls

Our Table

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Oxford & Bath

The Golden Anniversary Couple

Erica & James

Health & Safety Advice

OTDS  Canadian Area Representative Dave Stevenson

The Lancers

The Lancers

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David and Yvonne

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Back on the wine


The Happy Couple


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Retail Therapy - Wedgwood Blue

Post shopping coffee at the Marina

Post shopping coffee at the Marina

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Sunday Leaders Michelle & Barry with David Ingley

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Heather Waltz

Waverley Two Step

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Michelle & Barry

Waverley Two Step

Festival Glide