OTDS Autumn Weekend - Saturday Dance October 2013

Photos by Nigel Carter.  All photos copyright Summertime Dancing/OTDS ©2014

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Langstone Cliff  Hotel Dawlish Warren

Repairing Dawlish Railway Line


Don’t Jump

“Have bus pass will travel”

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“Nice Orchid shame about the background”

Orchid Centre

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Whose Society?

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Friday Evening’s Leaders Wendy & David

Leading off Waltz Debonaire

Richard being put in his place

Ragtime Swing

Edwardian Gavotte

Edwardian Gavotte

Edwardian Gavotte

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Wendy & David

Bicton Park Gardens

Bicton Park Gardens

Bicton Park Gardens

Bicton Park Gardens

Bicton Park Gardens

Budleigh Salterton

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Richard, Joyce & David

Paul introducing Saurday’s Leaders - Joyce & Richard

And off with the Sindy Swing

Valse Martine

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Richard’s best side

And the winner is - not Bob again”

Another valuable spot prize presentation

The Lancers

The Lancers

The Lancers

Happy Campers

In Exile

Midnight Tango

Midnight Tango

Midnight Tango

Midnight Tango

“Ma Wee Boys”

Drogo Castle

Wave-rley Two Step

Wave-rley Two Step

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“Well what did you do today?”


“The Custard Tarts”

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“When Irish Eyes are Smiling”


The Lancers

Paul & Hazel leading off the Helena Quickstep

“If you want to get ahead get a hat”

Pam & Brian