Summertime’s Old Time Dance May 2012

Photos by Nigel Carter

Richard announcing the start of festivities

Richard and Joyce leading off the Skye Swing: quite an accomplishment at his age!

Graham taking over spinning the bottle due to Richard’s age related injury.

And still Graham fails to win.

The disappointment is too much for him to bear.

IMG_0581.jpg IMG_0583.jpg IMG_0584.jpg

Serene Saunter

Serene Saunter

Serene Saunter


Serene Saunter

Skiving off

Serene Saunter

David Smith in sombre mood

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“Nice to meet you” - The Quadrilles

Larry and Herbie conducting the choreography - The Quadrilles

David joining in the Quadrilles

“I’m stuck!” - The Quadrilles

“Swing ‘em round” - The Quadrilles

The Quadrilles

“We’re not on speaking terms” - The Quadrilles

“Ring-a-Ring a Roses” - The Quadrilles

“I’m conducting a survey on ageism in sequence dancing”

Carol & Ethel leading off  Saunter Together

Pat & John leading off  Saunter Together

Tricia & Brian  leading off  Wedgewood Blue Gavotte

Wedgewood Blue Gavotte

Wedgewood Blue Gavotte

Wedgewood Blue Gavotte

Wedgewood Blue Gavotte

“I’ve won” - Richard running to collect his prize and forgetting his age related injuries.

Jenny and Philip leading off  the Summertime Blues

Hilary and Chris leading off Tango Las Vegas