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Summertime's Go Seqquence Dance August 2017

Eileen Cooper's 90th Birthday

Richard's Garden Party July 2017

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Southern Ball Weekend

Summertime's Bryan Smith Old Time Tea Dance June 2017

News 2016

We are pleased to announce that the fourth “Southern Ball” of Traditional and Classical Old Time Dancing will take place on the 21st July 2018 at the Guildhall Winchester.  Music will be provided by David Last and the MC will be Richard Purcell.  The Leaders will be Hazel & Paul, Richard & Joyce, Hilary & Nigel, Terry & Diane.  More details can be found here.

Summertime Christmas Party

Monday 11th December was Summertime's Old Time Club's Christmas Party.  Although there were "serious" dances such as the Alison and Regis Waltzes and the Classic Gavotte there were two fun dances on the programme orchestrated by Hilary & Nigel; the Wandering Three Step and the Summertime Circle.  There was also an elimination dance - the Mayfair quickstep won by Ehtel & Sylvian.

Helping Joyce and Richard with leading off were Hilary & Nigel, Shirley & Gordon, Hilary & Tony & Jill.

There was a large Bring & Share Tea to keep hunger at bay.

Richard & Joyce presented some of the many helpers at the club with Christmas gifts:  Jacqui and Mike, Hilary & Nigel, Shirley & Gordon and Pat.

Summertime's Old Time Dance September 2017

Saturday 23rd September was the date of the final Summertime Old Time Dance of 2017.  A good crowd were present to dance to the excellent live music of David Last.  Joyce and Richard  were the hosts for the afternoon as normal.  

The evening's dancing started with the Sindy Swing followed by one of the new Old Time Waltzes, the Elizabethan Waltz.  The programme consisted of many old favourites such as the Marine Four Step, Over the Top,Waltz Debonair and the Crinoline Gavotte along with newer dances such as the Lace Agate Swing.  The leaders' dances were the Trelawney Tango and the Kaybee Saunter.  The evening finished with the Doris Waltz.  Richard and Joyce were helped in leading off by Jill, Shirley and Gordon and Hilary & Nigel.

There was the usual large raffle.

The evening was a great success with a happy atmosphere.  A photo page will be added later.

Freddy's 80th Birthday September 2017

On September the 6th at Summertime's GO Sequence Club we celebrated Freddy's 80th Birthday.  Freddy and Sheilagh are long time supporters of Summertime Dancing and supporters of the Old Time Society.  Freddy was presented with a gift of liquid refreshment by Joyce on behalf of Summertime.

Celebrations continued at the weekend for Freddy with a surprise family party with family travelling from as far away as Australia.

We wish Freddy and Sheilagh many more happy years of dancing.

Summertime's GO Sequence Dance August 2017

IMG_8327-3.jpgAugust 19th was the date for Summertime's Annual Sequence Dance with hosts Richard and Joyce.  A good turnout participated in the event enhanced by the fabulous playing of David Last who played beautiful music.

Joyce and Richard were supported in leading off by Hilary & Nigel  (Gershwin Foxtrot, County Gavotte 2014 and Jasper Quickstep), Ivy and Bill (Mambo Marina) and Jill partnered by Richard (Blue Angel Rumba).

The programme was made up of those sequence dances which have remained popular including  Tango Tonite and Sizzler's Samba both of which had been revised at the Club this summer and gone down well.  Among the "newer" dances were the Speedwell Saunter and the Jasper Quickstep.   The progressive dances were the Sally Ann Cha Cha Cha and the Four Hand Star with "valuable" spot prizes;  Pat won her wine at last.

There was a well stocked raffle and Richard failed to win a prize.  All in all it was a great evening of music, dancing and lighthearted banter.

A photo page can be found here.

Richard's Garden Party August 2017

IMG_8308-15.jpgAugust 6th was the day of  Richard's Annual Garden Party.  Again despite rain in the days before and the days after, the sun shone on the righteous and Richard.  Gordon & Joyce distributed vast amounts of tea whilst the attendees tucked into platefuls of sumptuous cake.

The garden was looking very good although I am not an expert on flowers and plants mistaking one load of flowers as runner beans.  There were potatoes and lots of coloured weeds - dahlias, fuchias etc.

More photos of the event can be found here.

Southern Ball Weekend 15th/16th July 2017

We have just finished an excellent weekend of old time dancing starting with the Southern Ball held in the magnificent Winchester Guildhall (photo left) and ending with the Summertime Post Ball Tea Dance at Normandy.  Around 90 attended the Southern Ball and 76 the Tea Dance.  Many people attended both events as some had travelled from as far afield as Hull.  The music for the weekend was provided by the excellent David Last who played out of his skin for the whole weekend.  Richard Purcell was the MC for both events.

The Southern Ball consisted of 23 old time dances led by four sets of leaders:  Paul & Hazel, Richard & Joyce, Terry & Dianne and Hilary & Nigel. Dancing commenced with the Ragtime swing and finished with the Doris Waltz.   The leaders' dances were the Bambi Blues and the Tango Solair.  The progressive dances were the Imperial Two Step and the Rosetta Two Step with lavish spot prizes.

A very large raffle was held in the interval and Holbrook Shoes were on hand to re-shod the dancers.

The main organisers of the event, Paul & Hazel are to be congratulated on all the hard work they put into running the event.  Further photos of the event can be found here.  A short video of the Doris Waltz can be found here.

Sunday afternoon was the Summertime Post Ball Tea Dance held at Normandy.  Dancing commenced with the Fylde Waltz.  The Leaders' dances were the Tango Serida and the Balmoral Blues.  The set dance was the Lancers.   Altogether there were 20 dances on the programme including such favourites as the Freda Foxtrot, Southern Two Step, Wedgewood Blue Gavotte and Britannia Saunter.  This latter dance was led off beautifully by Robert and Christine.

There were two progressive dances, Mayfair Quickstep and the Alpine Stroll, again with lavish spot prizes.

Refreshments consisted mainly of cakes made by members of Summertime which were delicious.

Summarising it was a great weekend of old time dancing with the fabulous music of David Last.  Roll on next year when the Southern Ball weekend will again be held.  a photo page can be found here.

Summertime's Old Time Bryan Smith's Tea Dance June 2017

IMG_8126-1.jpgThis annual event has proved popular with dances.  The music is all by Bryan Smith and is provided by Richard using records.  He has one of the largest collections of Bryan Smith records many of which have been donated to him by other dancers.  

On arrival we found the hall filled with soft play toys.  This was not expected.  The hall had been double booked by the highly (in)efficient hall booking secretary.  After a meeting of the hall officials we had no alternative but to move to the small hall as dancing around the toys would be problematic.   As space was a premium Richard was put outside with his record player until the wind became too strong randomly blowing his pickup arm over the record.

Despite the smaller size of the hall we squeezed everyone in  and by using the corners we were all able to dance.  

Dancing commenced with the Ragtime Swing.  Dances included Waltz Camay, Venetian Foxtrot, Britannia Saunter, Waverley and Southern Two Steps and the Kaybee Saunter.  Altogether there were 20 dances on the programme with the only newer one being the Shimmering Waltz.  The Leaders' dances were the Saunter Together and the Classic Gavotte.  The progressive dances with valuable spot prizes were the Georgella Blues and the Mexican Swing.  The set dance was the Quadrilles.

The afternoon's food was provided by the attendees and was a Bring and Share tea party with copious amounts of savouries and cakes.IMG_8132-5.jpg  A large raffle was also held.

Fortunately the dance programme was good enough that we didn't have any of out members wandering off to play on the bouncy castle next door.

Despite the logistical problems at the start of the afternoon it was stil an excellent afternoon of old time dancing.

The next Summertime Old Time Event will be held on Sunday 16th July at 13:45 with David Last. providing the music.  This will be back in the main hall!!

Summertime's Old Time Tea Dance April 2017

Sunday 23rd April was the date of Summertime's second Tea Dance of the year with the fabulous David Last providing the music.  We have moved to Sundays for some of our live music dances due to David Last being heavily booked up.  A good crowd turned up to enjoy a mixed programme of Old Time Dancing.  Leading the afternoon's dancing were Joyce and Richard.  Richard back to dancing again following his hip replacement earlier in the year.

Dancing commenced with the Variety Swing, a newer dance, which was then followed with an old favourite; the Regis Waltz.  Other dances included the Venetian Foxtrot, Firefly Tango, Waverley Two Step, Lola Tango, and the Doris Waltz.  Altogether there were 20 dances.  The Leader's dances were the Kaybee Saunter and the Bambi Blues.  The progressive dances were the Glengarry Swing and the Mexican Swing.  The set dance was the Quadrilles.  The afternoon finished with the old favourite; the Doris Waltz.

There was a large raffle and an excellent Bring and Share tea.  A great afternoon of old time dancing with the fantastic music of David Last, what more could anyone want.

Our next Old Time Dance is on Sunday 4th June at 13:45 dancing to Brian Smith records.  This is always a popular event.

Summertime's Old Time Tea Dance February 2017

This month's Old Time Dance was on a Sunday afternoon instead of our usual Saturday night in order to ensure the participation of the fabulous David Last who is becoming fully booked.  The afternoon was run by Joyce and Richard.  Richard is recovering from a replacement hip operation in January and was able to lead off several dances.  They were supported in leading off by Hilary & Nigel, Shirley and Gordon, Bernard with Joyce and Anne with Joyce.

Just over 60 were present for the afternoon of Old Time Dancing from all over Southern England.  

The afternoon started with a newer dance, Let's Swing, but followed up the afternoon with more traditional Old Time dances including the Alison Waltz, Wedgewood Blue Gavotte, Valse Martine and the Veleta.  The Leader's dances were the Trelawney Tango and the Bermuda Foxtrot.  

The set dance was the Lancers and the progressive dances were the Anniversary Two Step and the Progressive Quadrilles.

Summertime's next Old Time Dance is on Sunday 23rd April, again in the afternoon with David Last with a Bring and Share tea.  More photos can be found here.

Eileen Cooper's 90th Birthday

IMG_5495c.jpgOn Monday afternoon 7th Feb., the Club celebrated “Sparkly” Eileen’s 90th Birthday.  Eileen has been a great supporter of Summertime for a number of years and was presented with an orchid and card signed by the members.  We were delighted Eileen’s daughter and grand-daughter were also able to join us.   Members enjoyed a slice of birthday cake  and toasted Eileen with a glass of wine and look forward to her continuing with her dancing in the years to come - she’s an inspiration to us all!

Joyce Hutchins 12/2/2017

Summertime's Old Time Holiday Bournemouth January 2017


It was a full house at the Marsham Court for the start of the Summertime “Spring” Weekend.  The holiday was a sell out with a waiting list.  On arrival weather was overcast but dry.  After the customary “Sherry Party” with bucks Fizz instead of sherry we adjourned for dinner.  This was a success as Apple and Sultana Crumble was on the menu.

Unfortunately, after dinner, Joyce fell on the stairs badly bruising herself and was unable to dance in the evening.  However Hilary & Michelle stepped in and partnered Richard and several others led off various dances as follows:

Lace Agate Swing (Hilary & Richard), Kaymar Sway (Hilary & Richard), Royal Empress Tango (Hilary & Nigel), Manhattan Blues (Hilary & Nigel), Edwardian Gavotte (Margaret & Clive), Tiffany Saunter (Shirley & Gordon), Trelawney Tango (Hazel & Paul), Georgella Blues (Hilary & Nigel), Fylde Waltz (Linda & Nigel), Viennese Swing (Sylvia & Ken), Regency Saunter, Midnight Tango (Michelle & Richard), Melody Swing (Hazel & Paul), Kaybee Saunter (Diane & Terry), Four Hand Star, Bambi Blues (Michelle & Richard), Lola Tango (Christine & Tony), Ava Rose Gavotte (Hilary & Nigel) and the Veleta.   

The dances were made up of guest requests which led to an excellent varied programme.


Overcast.  After an excellent breakfast we went down to the ballroom for a few dances and the “teach”.  Richard had chosen the Elizabethan Waltz for the teach.  This Old Time waltz won the Classical Inventive Competition in August 2016 and was written by Robert and Louise Aldred.  It is a beautiful waltz to dance full of Traditional Old Time Technique.  As Joyce was incapacitated Richard taught the waltz partnered by Michelle who fortunately had already learnt the dance.  Despite the degree of technique required to dance the waltz everyone appeared to pick it up relatively easily and enjoyed it.

The afternoon was free for the customary attack on the surrounding shops.

After dinner, we all retired to the ballroom for the evening’s dancing with music provided by the excellent David Last.  Although Joyce managed to partner Richard for two of the slower dances, Hilary and Michelle stepped in to partner him for the others.  Guest leaders also helped out lead off many of the dances.

Dancing commenced with the Mexican Swing and was the usual varied programme of old and new including the Empress Mazurka, Firefly Tango, Desmond Blues, Venetian Foxtrot, Shimmering Waltz and Greystones Gavotte.  The Leaders’ dances were the Freda Foxtrot and the Serene Saunter.  The set dance was D’Alberts which we haven’t seen before.  It progressed well until the Half Waltz Cotillion Sections which was challenging for the various sets.

The evening finished with the Doris Waltz.  Altogether there were 20 dances.


After and excellent breakfast the day was free and many continued shopping; Richard visiting Primark to stock upon jogging bottoms for his forthcoming hip operation.

After dinner (no more crumble) dancing commenced with the same format as for the previous evenings with several helping out with the leading.  Joyce was unable to dance being in more pain than the previous evening.  David Last again provided the music and was excellent as usual.

Dancing commenced with Let’s Swing and contained old and new such as the Classic Gavotte, Premier Two Step, Wedgewood Blue Gavotte, La Czarine, Sherrie Saunter and Tiger Eye Tango.  Leaders’ dances were Saunter Together and the Tayside Tango.  The set dance was the Quadrilles.  Altogether there were 20 dances.  The holiday Quizzes were won by Christine & Tony and Carol.

A large raffle was held for the Alzheimer’s Society raising £84.


Breakfast was made more interesting by Bob Nutt deciding to cover himself with the contents of his personal bottle of tomato ketchup by shaking it too vigorously with a loose lid.

We all returned home after an excellent dancing holiday apart from Joyce's mishap.  A photo page can be found here.