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Summertime's "Bryan Smith" Old Time Dance June 2018

Summertime's Old Time Dance April 2018

Life Membership of ISTD Awarded

Summertime's Old Time Holiday January 2018

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We are pleased to announce that the fourth “Southern Ball” of Traditional and Classical Old Time Dancing will take place on the 21st July 2018 at the Guildhall Winchester.  Music will be provided by David Last and the MC will be Richard Purcell.  The Leaders will be Hazel & Paul, Richard & Joyce, Hilary & Nigel, Terry & Diane.  More details can be found here.

Barry Anniss 1943 - July 2018

It is with great regret that we learnt of the death of Barry on Monday 16th July.  We understand Barry had recently been discharged from hospital following an operation when he became ill and was rushed back into hospital to pass away shortly after.  

Barry was a great supporter of Old Time and Modern Sequence dancing and was a member of Milford, Alton and Haslemere Dance Clubs.  He attended the large dances at Summertime and many other Clubs on a regular basis.  Barry hasn't owned a car for many years and would cycle to all the dances; travelling over 30 miles each way in some cases.  Richard has known him for over 50 years and he was a well known character in the area's dancing circles.

He was a very friendly, gentle man who never complained or criticised others.  Our deepest sympathies go to his twin sister and rest of his family.  Barry will be greatly missed.

Summertime "Bryan Smith" Old Time Dance June 2018

Saturday 2nd June was Summertime's Annual tribute to Bryan Smith.  The evening consists of Old Time Dancing exclusively to the records of Bryan Smith.

A good crowd turned up, from all over Southern England, on a warm enjoy Bryan's music.  The evening was run as usual by Richard and Joyce.  Richard found it harder to find the right tracks on records compared with CDs but he battled manfully.  

The programme consisted of mainly older Old Time dances with the Black Country Blues being the only modern Classical dance.  The reminder contained old favourites such as the Empress Mazurka, Wedgewood Blue Gavotte, Waltz Debonair, Kaymar Sway and the Fylde Waltz.  All together there were some 20 dances.

The progressive dances were the Sindy Swing and the Serene Saunter.  The Leaders' dances were the Balmoral Blues and the Classic Gavotte.

Refreshments were an American Supper and an extensive range of food was provided by those present.

A photo page can be found here.   Our next Old Time Dance is on Sunday 22nd July with David Last but this is wait list only.

Summertime Old Time Dance April 2018

IMG_9006.jpgAlmost 70 from all over Southern England were present for Summertime's April Old Time Dance hosted by Richard & Joyce assisted by Jill.  The dance marked the return of Joyce to the dance floor at Summertime following her accident in December last year.   Joyce was able to lead off  four dances with Richard.  Jill partnered Richard for the other dances.  Jill has been standing in for Joyce at Summertime whilst Joyce recovered.  Hilary & Nigel and Shirley & Gordon also helped leading off.

David Last provided the music and sounded better than ever on his new keyboard.

The dances were a mixture of old and new ranging from the Alison Waltz, Empress Mazurka and Dinky One Step to new dances such as the Variety Swing and the Elizabethan Waltz.  The progressive dances were the Alpine Stroll and the Georgella Blues.  The Leaders' dances were the Tango Serida and the Saunter Shiraz.

There was a very large raffle.

Our next Old Time Dance will be held on the 2nd June and is our annual event; dancing to Brian Smith records.

More photos can be found here.

Life Membership of ISTD Awarded

Summertime are pleased to announce that Richard has been awarded a Life Membership by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for support of the Society and old time dancing.

Richard started teaching with Jill in 1971 and is also a Member of the United Kingdom Alliance of Teachers of Dancing, The Guild of Professional Teachers of Dancing and of course the Old Time Dance Society.

Summertime Dancing

Joyce Palmer  1927 - 2018

An era of fun and happiness is drawing to a close with the passing of Joyce Palmer. Joyce and her husband John have been friends for 56 years when I first started old time dancing at the Chiddingfold Club at the age of 16 with my Mum.

There are now so few people left that we knew from the start and losing Joyce is a big blow to those of us who remain – Joyce Hutchins (Summertime), Angela Gale (Milford), Jill Lewington (Alton), and Alfreda Puttock to name a few.

Joyce and John ran the Bordon and Grayswood Clubs for many years and were also strong supporters of Summertime Dancing both then and now frequently attending our summer sequence club as well as the Cove Club.

I sometimes hear people say they have been dancing for years but very few have contributed the time and dedication of Joyce and John Palmer.

My sympathy goes out from us all to John and the Family with happy memories of the wonderful dancing years we all spent together.


The funeral service is on the 6th March at 12oc at St Georges Church, Badshot Lea.  No flowers please.

Summertime's Old Time Holiday Bournemouth 2018

IMG_8756-12.jpgFriday:  Arrival day.  The holiday was sold out with a waiting list.  Our hotel was the Marsham Court which has been going through extensive refurbishment over the past couple of years. Currently the main dining room is being refurbished but the alternative dining room was perfectly adequate for us.  

MCs for the weekend were Richard and Joyce.  Unfortunately Joyce had suffered a fall just before Christmas and has a fractured wrist and pelvis and so is unable to dance at present. Richard therefore was partnered by Jill, who used to be his competition partner early last century.   The holiday started with a drinks party followed by a very good dinner although there was no crumble for the dessert.   

Dancing was to Richard's CDs and was a request night.  The dances requested were:  Mexican Swing, Sherry Saunter, Firefly Tango, Elizabethan Waltz, Empress Mazurka, Kaymar Sway, Marine Four Step, Caledonians, Doris Waltz, Winter Waltz, Wandering Three Step, Royal Empress Tango, Britannia Saunter, Selby Swing, Crinoline Gavotte, Balmoral Blues, Gainsborough Glide and the Cuckoo Waltz.  Richard was partnered by Michelle for the Marine Four Step and Christine and Tony led off the Britannia Saunter.  Shirley & Gordon and Hilary & Nigel also helped in leading off.

Saturday:  An overcast day.  The morning's dancing session was dominated by the teaching of two dances, one old and one new.  Richard and Jill taught the Black Country Blues which won the Classical Section of the Ada Unsworth Memorial Inventive Competition last November.  This dance has proved very popular with Sequence dancers and is easy to pick up.   Hilary & Nigel taught the Summertime Stroll which won first prize in the Old Time Section of the BATD in 1972.  This is an unusual dance with figures from gavottes, tangos, saunters and blues all mixed up.  I am not sure why it is designated a "Stroll".  The scripted speed is 40 bpm, however this is an impossible speed to do justice to the dance considering the complexity of the dance and our age group.  It was therefore danced at foxtrot speed and at this speed it is an enjoyable dance.  Everyone present had little trouble picking up both dances.  The afternoon was free and many raided the local shops.

Dinner was especially good as crumble was on the menu.  The evening's dancing was to the excellent music of Elizabeth Harrison.  This was the first time Elizabeth had played for Summertime and she did a splendid job.  The theme was "sparkling blue" so that Richard could make use of his sparking blue jacket procured in Blackpool.  The dance programme consisted of old favourites such as Saunter Reve, Waverley Two Step, Classic Gavotte etc. as well as the dances taught in the morning.  Altogether there were 19 dances on the programme.  The set dance was the Lancers expertly called by Joyce.  Helping Richard and Jill with the leading off were Carol & Michelle,  Gordon & Shirley and Hilary & Nigel.  

Sunday:  A fine day.  Many visited the local shops.  Several of us joined Richard on his annual pilgrimage to the garden centre to buy seed potatoes where he found an appropriate seat to drink his coffee (photo left).  Adjacent to the garden centre was the Edinburgh Wool Mill which just happened to have a sale.  Richard and Gordon took advantage of this restocking their wardrobes.  One of our attendees, Stephanie, exceeded both of them by buying 7 pairs of shoes in Bournemouth.

Dinner was again very good and another of my favourites, rice pudding, was on the menu.

The evening's dancing was again to the excellent music of Elizabeth Harrison.  There were 19 dances on the programme ranging from the fairly new, Variety Swing, to old favourites such as the Wedgewood Blue Gavotte and the Fylde Waltz.  The set dance was the Quadrilles again expertly called by Joyce.  Unfortunately one member of a set had gone missing in the toilets and had to be hastened along by a posse.

The winners of the elimination dance were Hilary and Lisa.  A large charity raffle was held which raised over £90 for Cancer Research.

The weekend's Dingbats Quiz, organised by Joyce, was won by Christine and Tony.

Monday:  After a filling breakfast we all returned to our homes after an excellent dancing holiday.  Thanks go to Jill for ably helping Richard out over the weekend.  However we all hope Joyce will be back to full strength and dancing again soon.  Photos of the event can be found here.